Art: Kierstan Holine

Howdy. Another post!!… yes….I know. I’ve had all these backlogged for the last week and haven’t had time for proofreading and grammar fixes….Anywho…. I just wanted to send out a mavblog in support of a fellow artist. Do I know her? No, not at all. But I came across her youtube videos of cover songs about a year ago….and man is this girl talented!! As far as I can tell from her website, she’s still pretty independent. No major label. No huge sales. Just a regular girl with an amazing voice doin’ her thing. And that’s awesome.

Why am I writing about her? Because you gotta support the indies….someday they’ll be HUGE…or they’ll just stay small. But Beyonce doesn’t need the money. Kierstan does! Either way, ya gotta give credit where credit is due. She’s got a wide range of cover songs available on her youtube channel and I think she’s just ducky. You can watch all of her videos for free on youtube, and she’s got stuff on bandcamp and iTunes that you can purchase. I do hope that the girl finds commercial or financial success in her career because she seems like a genuine person and she has great talent. I’m no music executive, but I think she has ‘it’.

If you’re into acoustic, folk type music and covers….check her out. It’ll be worth your time. Thanks for reading about Kierstan Holine. And I’ll shorten my closing (since this is a short mavblog). Be nice. Be good to yourself. Show respect. Have a nice day.