St. Christophers Hostel

Recently I stayed in the St. Christophers Hostel in Brugge (Bruges). Now for you backpackers out there visiting Belgium, I highly recommend this hostel. It had its pros and cons as I will outline, but overall it was a good stay.

I stayed in a ‘private’ and the room layout wasn’t fancy, but the room was much larger than your average hostel and very clean. The showers were good and spacious, a bit drafty, but not bad….the hot water stayed on!!!… that’s the important thing. The staff wasn’t overly friendly….BUT….they were very helpful in providing maps and locations of sights to see. The bar was pretty decent and had a good atmosphere. It was nice to have a drink seconds before heading off to bed. The Charlie Rockets hostel just down the street had a much cooler bar…..but hey, it’s a hostel bar. The price was AMAZING and extremely affordable, even if I didn’t have the off-season discount. Security and safety was good. I never once worried about leaving my bags or belongings. Laundry facilities were good and there was a nice chill-out area to read & relax. The major downside was location. It was a good 10-15 minute walk outside of the city center where all the fun bars/restaurants are. In normal weather conditions I wouldn’t complain, but when it’s very cold out….the walk can be rough.

M.A.V.B.L.O.G. Score- 7.5 out of 10. It’s a hostel. It gets the job done. No, it wasn’t the best hostel I’ve ever stayed in but I’d certainly go back again. And for you readers who are traveling, it’s clean, it’s cheap and the dorm rooms are quiet so you can actually sleep. I recommend it.

Have a great day. Be good to yourself. Be good to others. That is all.