String Cheesing

String Cheesing. It’s the newest thing. It’s gonna be bigger than Planking and the Harlem Shake (which I kind of invented back in 2001 according to my friend Kev Kage but that’s beside the point). The good thing is…..that I actually DID invent this wonderful thing called String Cheesing. What is the origin? It all started over a year ago when I thought it’d be great to make homeless faces in pictures taken of me. I was always making this face. My girlfriend at the time hated it. She thought I looked stupid. But it wasn’t stupid….it was GREAT.


It then evolved and was given the name……..String Cheesing. What you do is….#1. You wind up your arm. Swing it out to be as bendy as possible and give a thumbs up.


#2 Push out your bottom jaw and get a nice underbite. Really give it your all.


#3 Smile like a homeless man or just like anyone who is really, really happy.


….and there you have it. STRING CHEESING. You can take regular String Cheesing pictures. You can photo-bomb with String Cheesing, the sky is the limit. You can even String Cheese with friends!!!


So let’s review……Wind Up. Thumbs Up. Big Jaw. Big Smile. Voila!! String Cheesing at airports!! String Cheesing at Bars!! String Cheesing at Clubs!!!


I hope that people take this and run with it. How awesome would it be to see someone String Cheesing while they skydive??? And here’s an extra fun one. When you’re in Switzerland it’s called…..SWISS CHEESING.


So there you have it. String Cheesing. Have fun with it. Make stupid faces. Look like an idiot once and a while. It’ll make you and others laugh. Be sure to photo-bomb some people with this too. It’s great!! I hope you’ve enjoyed this M.A.V.B.L.O.G. As always be good to yourself and others….and have an awesome day.