Too much Porn!

Alright look…..I’m a heterosexual male. I like girls. I’m not going to be all proper today and beat around the bush like our politically correct and conservative society. I’m attracted to women. They’re hot!! They get me going.  And….we’re all human. We have sexual desires and needs. When I’m with someone who’s compatible to me….great!! Those desires and needs can be met, mutually. When I’m not with someone….fine, whatever. No biggie.


So, I may take care of things if I’m not in a relationship just like Ernest Borgnine does. But HOLY CRAP……….There’s really WAY TOO MUCH PORN out in the world!!! I remember being a young teenager with a dial-up internet connection, waiting about 15 minutes to download a naked picture of Jenna Jameson…. and I was thrilled!! Now, legions of horny kids have it SOOOO EASY. And shit!!! It must be confusing for them. I mean, it’s confusing for me too!!! Even Porn Legend Ron Jeremy looks confused!!


When you go online to look up some naked people having sex there’s a bazillion categories. Orgies, Black on White, White on Black, Grandma Sex, Teacher Sex, Babysitters, Girl on Girl, 3 guys 1 girl, 4 girls 1 guy, College Kids, Stripper Parties, Beach Parties, Twister Games, Fetish, S & M, Hardcore……and I even found DINOSAUR SEX ONCE!!! WTF!!!??? I mean good lord in heaven!!! What has happened!?! It’s impossible to find normal sex. Ya know….just two people doing it… the good old days. And of those that I mentioned….there’s probably about 100 more categories. Boggles the mind. Hey….porn’s cool. I dig it. Especially the big budget Pirates Porn. It’s hysterical. But come on….


I don’t know what has happened to the world (mainly the country I live in). In a way all this sexual liberation is good for America, once an ultra puritan country. But I think they’re pushing ahead too fast and will explode (no pun intended). Aren’t we warping the minds of the youth and desensitizing people with an overly sexual and loveless mode of entertainment?? Or is it just pure entertainment and people having a good time?? This also brings up the question, which can be applied to almost everything that’s out of control in our societies around the world, and that is……. when will it be enough??? Does every aspect and every possible combination of everything in existence need to be recorded and exploited?? For me…..I don’t need to scroll through thousands of videos of a million different categories of porn when I’m feeling horny. Sometimes it makes me not even want to be horny….because it’s getting too damn confusing.

I leave you with a nice picture of the 80’s porn star Ginger Lynn. I hope you’ve enjoyed this M.A.V.B.L.O.G. Have a great day and be nice to all those you encounter. Humans, Animals and Plants alike.