The 4 You Hostel

Ok. The 4 You Hostel….well it’s not REALLY for you! Unless you’re in such a drunken stupor that you don’t mind the disgruntled staff, the bland breakfast, the fake wi-fi internet, the uncomfortable beds or paper thin walls, which during Oktoberfest might be fine…..but for this visit….not so much. They do have THE BEST SHOWERS that I’ve ever experienced in a hostel though.


Look, it’s a simple hostel. It’s there. Not even close to the best. Not the worst either, but it’s nothing special. I’m 6’1 and the beds made it to my shins. There are metal bars surrounding the bed, so your feet can’t hang off. You have to either curl up into a ball on your side to sleep… or have your legs propped up on an incline on the bars. Not too fun for getting a good nights sleep. But, if you’re very short….this hostel might be good 4 you. Also, the rooms aren’t quiet at all, which isn’t a big problem for me….but I could clearly hear people several rooms down at the end of the hall as they talked. So if you’re looking for privacy, you won’t find it here.


The great internet wi-fi connection and additional computer terminal access that they promise is non-existent. It wasn’t working for my entire 48 hour stay, which is annoying when you’re back-packing and just need to send a quick e-mail. Luckily, there was a computer cafe and a Starbucks close by. It’s conveniently situated near the train station though. So if you’re making a quick transfer on an early train or have a short stop over…it’s a great place to lay your head. But it’s Munich. There are probably much nicer hostels to choose from and I’ll remember that on my next trip there. I wouldn’t advise staying at this hostel…..unless everything else in the entire city is fully booked. And in the worst case, you get a crappy hostel and drown your sorrows at the Hofbrauhaus…..which will make you VERY HAPPY.


M.A.V.B.L.O.G. Score- 5 out of 10. They have GREAT showers and that’s hard to come by in a hostel….that’s why they get a 5. Otherwise….It’s too noisy, too dirty, the beds are horrible, the staff is miserable, there’s no internet & the breakfast isn’t good.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this M.A.V.B.L.O.G. and will pick the best hostel 4 you!! Have a great day. Be good to all those that you encounter….even if they smell like an old block of cheese.