Stronger than the Storm

This is by far the stupidest and most moronic slogan of our times in the USA. If you’re not familiar with it, ‘Stronger than the Storm’ is an asinine platform/slogan/song which represents that ‘the people of New Jersey’ (who live on or near the jersey shore) are ‘stronger’ than the ‘storm’ (Hurricane Sandy). As if Hurricane Sandy was a conscious entity who malevolently targeted the Northeastern United States!!! This platform is completely outrageous and implies that ‘the people’ are going to ‘rise up’ against Hurricane Sandy’s blatant aggression towards us!!! News flash!! It’s a hurricane. It’s not conscious. It’s a weather patten. Shit happens!


I’m not insensitive to the horrendous destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. I was directly affected by the storm. My family and friends were directly affected by the storm and suffered lots of damage to their properties. My entire street had downed trees, loss of power, trees crashing into people’s houses, flooded cars etc. etc. It was a terrifying experience watching home after home being washed away in person and on television. If you were in the Northeastern USA at the time….you know how devastating it was. And it still is a horrible experience trying to get reasonable assistance from insurance companies and our government (but that is a topic for another M.A.V.B.L.O.G). Regardless of that, ‘Stronger than the Storm’ is moronic. Here are the lyrics from the 30 second commercial spot

‘It’s in our blood. Our DNA. It’s who we are. We’re here to stay. Cuz we’re stronger than the storm. Woooaaaahhh. We’re stronger than the storm’


Do I want people to assist one another in rebuilding? Yes. Do I applaud people who volunteer and give to charities in assistance of displaced families, business’s etc. etc. ? Yes. Do I agree that Hurricane Sandy was extremely destructive? Yes. But I disagree with the witless and brainless platform of ‘Stronger than the Storm’. We Americans might as well just wear a sign on our chest that says ‘We’re morons!’. It wasn’t a war. Hurricane Sandy wasn’t a terrorist. It was a damn hurricane!!

East Coast Begins To Clean Up And Assess Damage From Hurricane Sandy

As an American, who was affected by Hurricane Sandy, I would have liked to see a reasonable slogan hit the airwaves. Some do exist such as ‘Jersey Strong’. Great. That’s wonderful. It implies that ‘I’m from New Jersey. I’m strong. And I’m determined to help rebuild after the hurricane’. Wonderful platform. What does ‘Stronger than the Storm’ imply? It implies that we were attacked by Hurricane Sandy. It destroyed us. But we’re still stronger than it. And we’re gonna show that storm!!! We’re gonna rebuild in spite of that storm!! As if Hurricane Sandy even cares!!!


Now…ok fine. To be fair amidst my frustration, the governments of the world have done some whacky experiments over the years with weather modification, even going back to WW2….and maybe earlier. So….perhaps it’s possible that Hurricane Sandy was created and sent to the USA as a sort of bomb, which means that either another government sent it to us, or some rogue organization OR…. which is even scarier, WE sent it to destroy our own country! Being that the USA is the most powerful country in the world, if weather modification did exist, we would have it!! Maybe Obama did it! Maybe some double agent in the CIA did it. Maaayyybbeee an American Senator who brokered a deal with an Australian scientist created the storm!!! It’d be a great plot for a movie! But that type of stuff doesn’t matter to us regular folks who don’t have top government security clearances. All we know…… that there was a big hurricane that devastated the North East. People died. Homes were destroyed. Buildings were crushed. Lives were ruined. That’s it.


I’m not mad at people for donating their time and money to a benevolent cause. I’m mad that a simple slogan, which obviously a lot of time and effort, from a lot of people, went into choosing it, makes us (Americans) look like morons. So I propose that we adopt a new platform and slogan, which sums up what happened very concisely and more appropriately…….

‘Shit happens….Let’s rebuild’.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this M.A.V.B.L.O.G. As always. Be good to yourself. Be good to all those you encounter. And have a nice day. Oh….and here’s some President Obama for ya. BOOYEAH!!!