Beyond-Two Souls

Today I’m going to do a quick review of the new video game Beyond: Two Souls. Why quick? Because the game is way too frustrating to do a lengthy review. It’s got a great story, impressive graphics & great acting by the main characters but the con’s far outweigh the pro’s. The game goes in a linear path with virtually no freedom, the controls are atrocious and very frustrating at times (it’s basically like playing a long tutorial. They tell you what button to push and at what times), it’s near impossible to figure out and get a handle on the camera movement & the disjointed style works in movies but not so much with this game.


When I say frustrating, it’s the kind of frustrating where you’re really into the plot line and the story, you’re really into the characters…..but the gameplay is so damn stupid that it makes you want to give up on the whole experience. I can kind of see what the designers were going for…something like the old game Dragon’s Lair, in terms of gameplay, but it just doesn’t work. Kudos though to Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe who turn in great performances. I’d also love to see the director David Cage make a movie instead of another video game.


Not that there aren’t great moments in the game, there are. I loved the story. When you’re at the sweet 16 party and you get asked to dance…..and kiss a boy for the first time. You feel it…..however queer that is for guys playing the game. Also, the giving birth part is completely outlandish but perfect in the storyline & character development. Ellen page is so good and you get drawn in to her character as you see her grow from a little girl into a woman. And it really sucks…..because she’s in horrible circumstances her whole life.


M.A.V.B.L.O.G. SCORE- 3 out of 10. Frustrating controls, frustrating camera movement and a boring freedom less linear game path make this game unplayable. It would have made a great stand alone movie, which at times you wish was the case. I loved the actors, the writing, the story, the dialogue options and the visuals but as I said before the con’s far outweigh the pro’s. Is it worth a purchase? NOOOOOOOOO!!! Is it worth a play though? yeah maybe…..if you have nothing better to do. I paid 2 bucks at Redbox for it, which I’m ok with….although, I’d recommend reading the story and watching the cut scenes on youtube instead.

Here are a couple of other blog posts about the game if you’d like to do some more research.


I hope this M.A.V.B.L.O.G. assisted in some way. As always…have a great day. Take good care of yourself……and treat others with respect. Even animals.