There’s no time to Whine

Whine: A long, high-pitched complaining cry.

Whining is annoying. It’s embarrassing to see. It’s obnoxious to hear. It’s all around childish. So please, everyone who is so offended and appalled that Donald Trump won the presidency, stop complaining. There’s a reason why he won. People are sick of the establishment and career politicians and they threw their votes behind Donald Trump. Suck it up and forge ahead. Protest if you want, that’s our right. But the reports are showing that people are rioting, looting, being violent and burning American flags. Seriously? You love America and then your candidate didn’t win so you’re going to start burning American flags and smashing windows? Super mature everyone. That’s not the ‘love’ that liberals normally stand for and speak about…that’s madness. I’m embarrassed to have called myself a liberal at one time in my life. Trump won. He’s the President. So, whatever your feelings are towards the guy and his proposed policies. Give him a chance. He hasn’t done anything yet! If you’re so mad… get as involved as you can in this country. Democracy doesn’t end after voting once every 4 years. Sign petitions. Unplug from mindless tv shows and pay attention to public policy. Write letters to your congressman regarding each bill that comes up. Don’t talk about it. Do it. Raise money for charities you support that have some clout. Get involved in your communities. Get involved with real people, not with fake people like the Kardashians. Help regular people. Support small business’s not major conglomerates who support those puppet politicians you so despise. Help yourself. Educate yourself. Involve yourself in something more than having a temper tantrum…. To use an analogy, I’m a Miami Dolphins fan. Do I destroy all the furniture in my house and my neighbors houses every time the Patriots win the Superbowl? No. I take a deep breath. Shake my head. Turn off the TV. Drink a beer and look towards the future. And hope that, hey if the Patriots do make it to the Superbowl again….maybe the Giants will be there too.  (The Giants always beat the Patriots in the Superbowl for you non-football fans)


Look, I empathize. I do. Big time. I’m currently a registered Democrat. I supported Bernie Sanders. The primary was stolen from him (see Wikileaks) and agree or disagree with me, I felt that Hillary was the worst choice possible for President and I believe that against Trump, Bernie could have won. Did I cry about it? No. I wrote a few tweets. Sucked it up….and moved on. Then I started supporting Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate, and Donald Trump, the Republican Party candidate, because I could not in good faith put my energy or my vote behind Hillary Clinton. My reasoning? It doesn’t matter now. What does matter is that we’ve got to move forward with what we’ve got. It is what it is. There are maniacs on both sides of the isle who are out of control. It’s not cool. It’s never cool. But it is what it is. Had a bad break-up? Gotta move forward, be single for a while, find yourself and then start dating again. Family member died? Gotta move forward, grieve, remember the good times and accept reality. Lost your job? Gotta move forward, work on your resume, gain some new skills and start applying. Your favorite tv show got cancelled? Gotta move forward, find a new hobby, read a book or look for a new tv show to watch. You never know….Trump might do a good job. He might do a horrible job. He might do nothing. But, he’s most certainly going to do an awful job if dejected people keep projecting violence and hatred out into his Presidency before he’s even done one thing. Maybe instead of rolling out your yoga mat and meditating about how you can send an evil spell to kill Donald Trump (relax, it’s a joke)… can send the guy some love so that he’s able to surround himself with the right people and achieve some good things in his term in office. ‘Love Trumps Hate’ is your slogan right? Not ‘Hate Trumps Hate’…and that is what is currently being displayed by these violent protests. Trump is not Hitler. Those were different times. And remember, in the beginning, Hitler was beloved by ALL. Everyone! American and British business’s were investing in his country. He was Time Magazines man of the year in 1938. And then it all changed and most people were caught off guard…because Hitler was ingenious and was supported and surrounded by some other ingenious and evil people. So please take a chill pill and relax. Most people think Donald Trump is an immature, crass, doofus….hardly the level of adoration that Hitler had. My grandmother lived in Vienna during WW2. I took the time to listen to her stories about what it was actually like. Before the war and after. Trump ain’t Hitler…alright. It’s just the media’s narrative and frenzied people slapping that label on him. And oh yeah, Trump supports Israel…so there’s that too. Kind of deletes that argument. The Hitler/Trump comparison is ridiculous.


Us little people don’t really know what’s going on. The system is so compartmentalized. How much pure, unfiltered information is going to trickle down to the regular people like you and me without serious investigative journalism and whistleblowers? Maybe Trump is for real and wants to help us. Maybe he’s a puppet of some unseen special interest like many other politicians and things will get much worse. Maybe he’s completely clueless and nothing will change. Maybe the system is so jacked up that NO President will ever have true power to do anything for the good of all mankind. All you get to see is the version of the edited person that the particular media outlet you watch will show you, even if you’re diligent enough to scour every mainstream media outlet and every alternative media outlet, newspaper, website and blog. All you’ll believe is the perspective you allow yourself to see. Open your mind to good possibilities. Use the right side of your brain. Anything is possible. Give the dude at least a month in office before you start lighting fires and try to see the positives in the situation.


Last I checked, as charismatic as the guy is, Obama has kept us at war in the middle east for the past 8 years. Bush got us in there, Obama promised to take us out, which he kind of did but not really, and then we destroyed several more middle eastern countries. So….is that love? Constant war? Killing people indiscriminately in the guise of policing the world and then after the fact having some government head say, ‘Whoops. We made a mistake but it’s too late to turn back now’. Remember George W. Bush? Remember when he basically stole the Presidency and then brought us into an unjustified war in the middle east in the first place (No WMD’s were ever found which was the rhetoric that brought us to war). Well, he was President for 8 years. End of story, whether you liked it or not. I didn’t like it. He wasn’t my choice. But, it was what it was. And now we live in a Police State. There’s no doubt about that. And if we’re ever going to GET OUT of that Police State and gain some of our freedoms back, it might not be the best idea to start rioting and give the incumbent President reason to drastically increase funding and further militarize our police forces around the country and give policeman a reason to hate regular citizens. Remember Gandhi? (I mentioned him before), he enacted lots of social changes through non-violence. It worked. He ended up getting assassinated, but the movement and foundation for what he sacrificed himself for worked….not forever, but for a long while. And he inspired the world. Read books about him. There are lots available. Violence against violence doesn’t have the best track record. Non-violence against violence does, as counter productive as it sounds. Look at the Dakota Access Pipeline right now. Some police officers are voluntarily resigning from their posts or leaving the front lines because they disagree so vehemently they don’t care if they lose their jobs. That’s noble. That’s heroic. Why are they doing that? I don’t know. Maybe because they realize how unjust the system is and they’re tired of attacking non-violent protestors, who are American citizens, on their own land that is being stolen from them by a mega corporation. Want to make sure President Trump doesn’t side with that DAPL corporation in the future? Get involved. Write to your state representatives. Write, and write and write and write. Protest non-violently. Why protest non-violently? Because our country is in bad shape and we’re losing our rights (see The Patriot Act) and you’ll probably get arrested and unjustly locked up for a while for attempting to assert your rights. That’s why. Also, the only way you’re going to keep your rights is if you exercise the one’s you currently have…intelligently and strategically. We’re allowed to petition and we’re allowed to speak up. Do what you can while at the same time protect yourself. Do not throw yourself into the fire just because you’re upset.


This is an extremely complex and messed up system that we live in that brings us down but there are avenues for you to disagree without throwing a violent hissy fit. Trump has a lot of work to do in that same system, a system that he’s unfamiliar with, in order to enact the ideas that he has for this country. He may pass those ideas through or not. If you disagree with those ideas, that’s fine. You’re allowed to. But disagree in a productive way, not an unproductive way….because that’s the intelligent thing to do. I can personalize this a little bit for you. I used to work for NBC’s The Apprentice. It was my first job out of college and it was a great experience to work in Trump Tower on the show. Trump wasn’t a bad guy. He wasn’t mean. He wasn’t rude. I started at the bottom of the ladder as a lowly Production Assistant. I didn’t get to meet Trump directly, but I was in the room with him at times when the crew was setting up the next shot or going over production details. From my limited interaction with him, Trump seemed like a decent guy. Privileged, for sure! But mean….no. He was nice to people. There were other people on the crew though that treated me like dirt….COMPLETE CRAP. It made me want to quit. Some people went out of their way to treat me like nothing just because I was a PA. I have no bad things to say about Trump from that experience though but according to the media and what people say, I probably should. The food on set was good. My paychecks cleared on time (Thanks NBC). The wrap party was fun. At the end of the shoot, I was given a crew hotel room for the night in Times Square. And I was given lots of leftover perks at the end of the shoot that included cases of water, chips, granola bars and red bull (and that’s huge to a recent college grad).


I’ve got grave concerns for myself, my family and friends, the country I live in, the world I live in and the future that myself and further generations may or may not have on this earth. I believed in Obama and he did the exact opposite of what he said he would do on some very important issues that are dear to me. That hurt. I don’t get mad at people if they identify as a republican, democrat, independent, libertarian…whatever. I care. That’s why I’m writing this post….in the event that someone who’s hurting from this recent election will read it and gain some comfort, inspiration or peace of mind. Trump said some rude things and un-PC and unpopular things during the election process, yes. I have plenty of friends who are crass and rude but when it comes down to it they are sweet people and have a good heart. I sometimes question, man are they really like that? Or is that just how they talk? They just use sarcasm or puff their chest out because of some insecurity or what have you….but when push comes to shove, they’re good people and good friends. Is that Trump? Maybe, maybe not. Things aren’t perfect in this country. Things aren’t perfect in this world. Things aren’t going to be perfect for a while. They weren’t perfect with Obama. They’re not going to be perfect with Trump. And they wouldn’t have been perfect with Hillary. But they’re definitely going to get worse if we remain completely divided and violently pull each other apart. Use your mind. Use your heart. Use your energy to create good things….not divisive things. We have a lot of work to do as people if we want things to change….we cannot just trust our elected representatives 100% anymore while not holding them accountable for the things that they do. And that’s just the beginning. WE have work to do. Not just our elected officials. So please, cut the crap. Suck it up. It is what it is. Be the bigger person. Whining and violence is not the answer. Not when you’re a kid. And definitely not when you’re an adult.


It’s been like talking to a wall, on both sides, during this election. I’ve even been blamed for Trump becoming President….by SEVERAL people. Yup. I did it. It’s been me all along. Little old me. I’m the one pulling ALL the strings. Aren’t I clever? I’m doing an even better job than Gus from Breaking Bad in keeping a low profile. People please…get a grip. Republicans and Democrats. Take a deep breath. Several deep breaths. Go for a run. Get some exercise. Drink a glass of water. Take another deep breath and realize that you’ve got to work WITH one another not AGAINST one another. You know the theory in Divide and Conquer right? Ok so….stop letting that happen. Be respectful. Be good to yourself. Be good to others. And follow the Golden Rule as best as you can. Thanks for reading.


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