Love: Yes, chivalry is dead and here’s why.

Women. I love them. I respect them. I’m attracted to them as a man who has natural sexual urges, a man who wants to feel a connection and have a companion, and a man who eventually would like to have a family. Men. I’m one of them. We’re supposed to be strong. We’re supposed to be survivors and well-mannered providers; though times have changed ‘man’ drastically. And ladies, yes……chivalry is dead. I know it’s a fashionable phrase that’s been thrown around the past several years, although chivalry never ACTUALLY made it into the 21st century….or many former centuries for that matter, but any who….

What is Chivalry? Chivalry was a code of conduct used by knights during the medieval times. It was a way of life. A knight vowed to show, and live by, his virtues of honor, gallantry, courtesy and love. Sometimes a knight vowed to be loyal to a certain lady, as a form of service, or in the hopes to earn her affections and eventually win her hand in marriage. He would perform acts for her. He would defend her and her family. He would go to battle for her and embark on decade long quests for her. Now in the medieval times, in order to become a knight one needed to be a noble. Subsequently in order to be a lady, you needed to be from a noble family. So there’s some class distinction here and only the privileged were able to be of this chivalric order. This is not saying that lower class citizens were monsters. They held many of the same customs, traditions and levels of respect for their fellow man…..but since they were poor they weren’t accepted into high society and were not written about as much in the history books. So there we have our basis for chivalry. A high level of respect, adoration and love.

Now how can one have the same level of respect, adoration and love for that?? (see above picture) It’s not women’s fault on the whole. Women have been inundated with advertising, magazines, commercials, movies, pornography, gossip, gossip and more gossip that has fractured their minds and made them crazy over the last 100 years or so. A high standard has been set for them to have the perfect appearance, to be intelligent, to be tolerant, to have a great personality, to be perfect in bed, to be a good girl and a bad girl at the same time etc. etc. etc. It’s not fair to women and unfortunately we can’t go back to the way things were. Once you put milk in the coffee, you can’t take it out. But women have got to hold their own and say, ‘no thanks. I’m deciding who I’m going to be’….and unfortunately this doesn’t happen as often as we see on Oprah. Not to say that men haven’t been broken over the years in our modern society. Just look at these schmos below. A long way from handsome knights in shining armor don’t you think?. And metro-sexuals……don’t even get me started. What happened to when men were MEN?!?

Ladies, I’m not telling you how to live your life or what to be. But I have noticed that women in America aren’t acknowledging what they are or how they act. Two of the most impossible things for a woman to do, in my opinion, is to face the truth and accept who they are. If you’re a pretty girl who’s a 25 year old virgin and shy in person, don’t pretend you’re a slut on social media (it won’t get you respect-it’ll get you a stalker). If you’re a sexy girl who likes to party and have one night stands (don’t expect a knight in shining armor to come your way). If you’re a little chubby, don’t wear tight jeans, act skinny and flaunt yourself in public (it makes you look cheap). If you sit at home and watch reality television all day, don’t tell people you’re not into gossip (it’ll make you look like a hypocrite). I LOVE WOMEN. I’m not mad. I’m just FRUSTRATED. There’s nothing more sexy than a woman who knows who she is, accepts herself and is happy with herself. Even this lady! (see below)

So you wanna be a ‘ho’? Be a ‘ho’. You wanna be a militaristic chick? Be a militaristic chick. You wanna be a bitch? Be a bitch. You wanna be a nerd? Be a nerd. You wanna be a hippie? Be a hippie. You wanna be a faithful housewife? Be a faithful housewife. You wanna be an intelligent, book reading, school attending, extreme sports loving lady?… it. Just don’t pretend that you’re something else. I’m 6’1……I’m not 5’6. I’m never going to be 5’6. I’m happy to be 6’1 because that’s what I am. I don’t pretend I’m shorter or taller. That’s part of the point. I also like chicken. I don’t pretend that I don’t like chicken and then sneakily eat it behind closed doors. I eat chicken…happily…with pride. This goes for guys too. ESPECIALLY FOR  GUYS! Our society in America today resembles the Aldous Huxley novel ‘Brave New World’ more than it does the George Orwell novel ‘1984’ (thankfully might I add- but yet, still unfortunate). There are elements from both books existing in our modern world, but for context in this blog, in ‘Brave New World’ citizens took ‘Soma’- a wonder drug that helped you sleep, dulled your emotions, made you happy and cured all ailments (similar to the unending pills for unending disorders we have today). The family unit had been destroyed and everyone was a homogenized ‘individual’. People slept with whomever they wished without having emotion, and if you did show emotion or attachment, you were ridiculed. The family was regarded as pornographic, sex was recreational (women wore belts of contraceptives) and romance was rendered obsolete. Just look at the television shows shoved down our throats, Sex and The City, Entourage, Girls and the amount of free porn on the internet… Don’t take me the wrong way. It’s good entertainment and provides a lot of jobs for the film/television industry. And I’m no prude. I’m all for people having a good time and enjoying themselves…..but at the cost of what?

Jumping backwards, in medieval times… were a lady, a knight, a servant, a nun, a prostitute or a peasant etc. Times were different….and very harsh on women….but a prostitute wasn’t traipsing around pretending she was a lady or a nun. A monk wasn’t pretending to be a squire. A lady wasn’t plodding around pretending to be a peasant. A knight wasn’t pretending to be a farmer. You were what you were, most of the time unwillingly based on birth, but people accepted it. Men would much rather see a profile for a woman on an online dating site that reads, ‘I’m an accountant. I watch reality television. I like amusement parks. I like to go bar hopping once a month. And I like to sleep 8 hours a day’ rather than reading…… ‘I’m a fairy princess. I love shopping but I hate it. You know what I mean? Girls are so crazy and I’m not your typical girl. I can drink, party and get crazy but I can also chill out and just talk. I don’t sleep around…LOL… I’m kind of a prude…unless I get to know you…ha ha’. Likewise, women would love a man who takes his shirt off and changes her tire when the car breaks down, rather than a jealous drunk who gets into an unnecessary bar fight with some other alpha meathead on saturday night. Am I right guys and ladies? Yes…. I know I’m right. And I won’t stoop to agree with the masses of complainers (though I was complaining before…woops) or say that there aren’t enough faithful, beautiful, refined ladies out there. There are. There are millions of them. Their minds have just been cracked from poor education, impossible ideals placed upon them by men and the media and a lack of proper encouragement. There are also a lot of good men out there too!…… that are just too fed up and sick of trying to improve themselves to stand out and find a nice woman while they meander in a sea of idiot metro-sexuals, meatheads and hipster doofus’s. Now…ok…..there are also a lot of unfaithful, scandalous men and women out there too, who COULD be good (in a relationship), but they just see the world we live in, give up and take the easy, convenient road of being a jerk. Or they’re just plain bastards, but those have existed forever.

In this day and age, with attention spans as small as they are, with family values disappearing, with general courtesy for your fellow man waning, with divorce rates and infidelity soaring……it’s very difficult to tell who a person is and to trust them. So ladies…..I implore you. Find out who you are. Tell us what you want. AND BE YOURSELF. It’s sexy. It’s perfect. It’s what we need. And men….grow some friggin’ balls! Be a MAN. Women love it. They’ve loved it since the dawn of mankind. Girls aren’t going to be nice all the time. Especially if you’re meeting them at bars and clubs. They’ve had society mess their heads up enough, and they’ve dealt with enough idiot males to make them suspicious. You gotta put your foot down (BUT NOT LIKE A DOUCHE). Tell them who you are. What you want……and please, get regular blue jeans, take off the bozo sunglasses, stop working out everyday and shave your mustache. If you don’t treat it like a ‘game’, it’ll stop being a ‘competition’. Maybe when those things happen……chivalry will make it’s return. And one last complaint, girls……please stop dressing like sluts on Halloween. We get it. You’re hot. We already know that. We see enough cleavage at bars on the weekends and on any normal night. Innovative costumes are cool. Halloween is not a porn convention (nothing against porn conventions or porn stars. Great people, they know who they are and they roll with it).

So in order to save America and our world from resembling ‘Idiocracy’ (2006) (see above), let’s do a little more work on us and a little less complaining about them. After all, we’re on the same side. We’re humans. Men are Men. Women are Women. We’re two very different species and we get together to have sex, procreate, have a companion, make a connection and sometimes create a family unit and compliment one another. Some people are doing it pretty successfully. We can’t take away what the world has shoved into our brains, but we can do the best with what we’ve got.

Thanks for reading this M.A.V.B.L.O.G. I hope you enjoyed it. And I hope it leads to improving the quality of life of the people that live on this earth. If you’d like to learn more about chivalry or the medieval times I encourage you to go to your local library or purchase some books on the subject. As always, be good to yourself and your family. Take care of your clan. And show respect to everyone you meet….even if they’re a dickhead.