Art: Kierstan Holine

Howdy. Another post!!… yes….I know. I’ve had all these backlogged for the last week and haven’t had time for proofreading and grammar fixes….Anywho…. I just wanted to send out a mavblog in support of a fellow artist. Do I know her? No, not at all. But I came across her youtube videos of cover songs about a year ago….and man is this girl talented!! As far as I can tell from her website, she’s still pretty independent. No major label. No huge sales. Just a regular girl with an amazing voice doin’ her thing. And that’s awesome.

Why am I writing about her? Because you gotta support the indies….someday they’ll be HUGE…or they’ll just stay small. But Beyonce doesn’t need the money. Kierstan does! Either way, ya gotta give credit where credit is due. She’s got a wide range of cover songs available on her youtube channel and I think she’s just ducky. You can watch all of her videos for free on youtube, and she’s got stuff on bandcamp and iTunes that you can purchase. I do hope that the girl finds commercial or financial success in her career because she seems like a genuine person and she has great talent. I’m no music executive, but I think she has ‘it’.

If you’re into acoustic, folk type music and covers….check her out. It’ll be worth your time. Thanks for reading about Kierstan Holine. And I’ll shorten my closing (since this is a short mavblog). Be nice. Be good to yourself. Show respect. Have a nice day.

Love: Yes, chivalry is dead and here’s why.

Women. I love them. I respect them. I’m attracted to them as a man who has natural sexual urges, a man who wants to feel a connection and have a companion, and a man who eventually would like to have a family. Men. I’m one of them. We’re supposed to be strong. We’re supposed to be survivors and well-mannered providers; though times have changed ‘man’ drastically. And ladies, yes……chivalry is dead. I know it’s a fashionable phrase that’s been thrown around the past several years, although chivalry never ACTUALLY made it into the 21st century….or many former centuries for that matter, but any who….

What is Chivalry? Chivalry was a code of conduct used by knights during the medieval times. It was a way of life. A knight vowed to show, and live by, his virtues of honor, gallantry, courtesy and love. Sometimes a knight vowed to be loyal to a certain lady, as a form of service, or in the hopes to earn her affections and eventually win her hand in marriage. He would perform acts for her. He would defend her and her family. He would go to battle for her and embark on decade long quests for her. Now in the medieval times, in order to become a knight one needed to be a noble. Subsequently in order to be a lady, you needed to be from a noble family. So there’s some class distinction here and only the privileged were able to be of this chivalric order. This is not saying that lower class citizens were monsters. They held many of the same customs, traditions and levels of respect for their fellow man…..but since they were poor they weren’t accepted into high society and were not written about as much in the history books. So there we have our basis for chivalry. A high level of respect, adoration and love.

Now how can one have the same level of respect, adoration and love for that?? (see above picture) It’s not women’s fault on the whole. Women have been inundated with advertising, magazines, commercials, movies, pornography, gossip, gossip and more gossip that has fractured their minds and made them crazy over the last 100 years or so. A high standard has been set for them to have the perfect appearance, to be intelligent, to be tolerant, to have a great personality, to be perfect in bed, to be a good girl and a bad girl at the same time etc. etc. etc. It’s not fair to women and unfortunately we can’t go back to the way things were. Once you put milk in the coffee, you can’t take it out. But women have got to hold their own and say, ‘no thanks. I’m deciding who I’m going to be’….and unfortunately this doesn’t happen as often as we see on Oprah. Not to say that men haven’t been broken over the years in our modern society. Just look at these schmos below. A long way from handsome knights in shining armor don’t you think?. And metro-sexuals……don’t even get me started. What happened to when men were MEN?!?

Ladies, I’m not telling you how to live your life or what to be. But I have noticed that women in America aren’t acknowledging what they are or how they act. Two of the most impossible things for a woman to do, in my opinion, is to face the truth and accept who they are. If you’re a pretty girl who’s a 25 year old virgin and shy in person, don’t pretend you’re a slut on social media (it won’t get you respect-it’ll get you a stalker). If you’re a sexy girl who likes to party and have one night stands (don’t expect a knight in shining armor to come your way). If you’re a little chubby, don’t wear tight jeans, act skinny and flaunt yourself in public (it makes you look cheap). If you sit at home and watch reality television all day, don’t tell people you’re not into gossip (it’ll make you look like a hypocrite). I LOVE WOMEN. I’m not mad. I’m just FRUSTRATED. There’s nothing more sexy than a woman who knows who she is, accepts herself and is happy with herself. Even this lady! (see below)

So you wanna be a ‘ho’? Be a ‘ho’. You wanna be a militaristic chick? Be a militaristic chick. You wanna be a bitch? Be a bitch. You wanna be a nerd? Be a nerd. You wanna be a hippie? Be a hippie. You wanna be a faithful housewife? Be a faithful housewife. You wanna be an intelligent, book reading, school attending, extreme sports loving lady?… it. Just don’t pretend that you’re something else. I’m 6’1……I’m not 5’6. I’m never going to be 5’6. I’m happy to be 6’1 because that’s what I am. I don’t pretend I’m shorter or taller. That’s part of the point. I also like chicken. I don’t pretend that I don’t like chicken and then sneakily eat it behind closed doors. I eat chicken…happily…with pride. This goes for guys too. ESPECIALLY FOR  GUYS! Our society in America today resembles the Aldous Huxley novel ‘Brave New World’ more than it does the George Orwell novel ‘1984’ (thankfully might I add- but yet, still unfortunate). There are elements from both books existing in our modern world, but for context in this blog, in ‘Brave New World’ citizens took ‘Soma’- a wonder drug that helped you sleep, dulled your emotions, made you happy and cured all ailments (similar to the unending pills for unending disorders we have today). The family unit had been destroyed and everyone was a homogenized ‘individual’. People slept with whomever they wished without having emotion, and if you did show emotion or attachment, you were ridiculed. The family was regarded as pornographic, sex was recreational (women wore belts of contraceptives) and romance was rendered obsolete. Just look at the television shows shoved down our throats, Sex and The City, Entourage, Girls and the amount of free porn on the internet… Don’t take me the wrong way. It’s good entertainment and provides a lot of jobs for the film/television industry. And I’m no prude. I’m all for people having a good time and enjoying themselves…..but at the cost of what?

Jumping backwards, in medieval times… were a lady, a knight, a servant, a nun, a prostitute or a peasant etc. Times were different….and very harsh on women….but a prostitute wasn’t traipsing around pretending she was a lady or a nun. A monk wasn’t pretending to be a squire. A lady wasn’t plodding around pretending to be a peasant. A knight wasn’t pretending to be a farmer. You were what you were, most of the time unwillingly based on birth, but people accepted it. Men would much rather see a profile for a woman on an online dating site that reads, ‘I’m an accountant. I watch reality television. I like amusement parks. I like to go bar hopping once a month. And I like to sleep 8 hours a day’ rather than reading…… ‘I’m a fairy princess. I love shopping but I hate it. You know what I mean? Girls are so crazy and I’m not your typical girl. I can drink, party and get crazy but I can also chill out and just talk. I don’t sleep around…LOL… I’m kind of a prude…unless I get to know you…ha ha’. Likewise, women would love a man who takes his shirt off and changes her tire when the car breaks down, rather than a jealous drunk who gets into an unnecessary bar fight with some other alpha meathead on saturday night. Am I right guys and ladies? Yes…. I know I’m right. And I won’t stoop to agree with the masses of complainers (though I was complaining before…woops) or say that there aren’t enough faithful, beautiful, refined ladies out there. There are. There are millions of them. Their minds have just been cracked from poor education, impossible ideals placed upon them by men and the media and a lack of proper encouragement. There are also a lot of good men out there too!…… that are just too fed up and sick of trying to improve themselves to stand out and find a nice woman while they meander in a sea of idiot metro-sexuals, meatheads and hipster doofus’s. Now…ok…..there are also a lot of unfaithful, scandalous men and women out there too, who COULD be good (in a relationship), but they just see the world we live in, give up and take the easy, convenient road of being a jerk. Or they’re just plain bastards, but those have existed forever.

In this day and age, with attention spans as small as they are, with family values disappearing, with general courtesy for your fellow man waning, with divorce rates and infidelity soaring……it’s very difficult to tell who a person is and to trust them. So ladies…..I implore you. Find out who you are. Tell us what you want. AND BE YOURSELF. It’s sexy. It’s perfect. It’s what we need. And men….grow some friggin’ balls! Be a MAN. Women love it. They’ve loved it since the dawn of mankind. Girls aren’t going to be nice all the time. Especially if you’re meeting them at bars and clubs. They’ve had society mess their heads up enough, and they’ve dealt with enough idiot males to make them suspicious. You gotta put your foot down (BUT NOT LIKE A DOUCHE). Tell them who you are. What you want……and please, get regular blue jeans, take off the bozo sunglasses, stop working out everyday and shave your mustache. If you don’t treat it like a ‘game’, it’ll stop being a ‘competition’. Maybe when those things happen……chivalry will make it’s return. And one last complaint, girls……please stop dressing like sluts on Halloween. We get it. You’re hot. We already know that. We see enough cleavage at bars on the weekends and on any normal night. Innovative costumes are cool. Halloween is not a porn convention (nothing against porn conventions or porn stars. Great people, they know who they are and they roll with it).

So in order to save America and our world from resembling ‘Idiocracy’ (2006) (see above), let’s do a little more work on us and a little less complaining about them. After all, we’re on the same side. We’re humans. Men are Men. Women are Women. We’re two very different species and we get together to have sex, procreate, have a companion, make a connection and sometimes create a family unit and compliment one another. Some people are doing it pretty successfully. We can’t take away what the world has shoved into our brains, but we can do the best with what we’ve got.

Thanks for reading this M.A.V.B.L.O.G. I hope you enjoyed it. And I hope it leads to improving the quality of life of the people that live on this earth. If you’d like to learn more about chivalry or the medieval times I encourage you to go to your local library or purchase some books on the subject. As always, be good to yourself and your family. Take care of your clan. And show respect to everyone you meet….even if they’re a dickhead.

Movies: ‘Kung Fu and Titties’ (2013)

Reviewing my own film you say…..what an asshole! But I’m not actually doing a review….I’m doing a directors statement and a reflection blog on the purpose of this movie, my goals and what this movie ultimately means to me. A low-budget film is never an easy feat to accomplish. I do regret having to post-pone the film for a February 2013 release when I initially planned for a March 2012 release…but that is my only regret. Otherwise, I am extremely proud of this film, of myself for completing it, and for those investors & cast/crew members who worked so hard on the film. It’s a low-brow comedy with high-brow moments, it’s an homage to one of my favorite cheesy films ‘Big Trouble in Little China’, it’s a goofball film with naked girls and whacky characters….exactly what I wanted to accomplish. Pure entertainment for the regular Joe who wants to crack a beer after work, laugh and see some titties. Just look at the lovely Chiva Soriano below.

It was said to me, ‘Hey Joe. Your dad just died. You don’t have to do this movie. You can re-schedule it’. But, no….I had to do it. My father passed away one day before filming was set to begin in October of 2011. I thought he’d at least see me film the movie, if not hang on to see it completed and watch it on the big screen. And if you knew my father, he was BIG on finishing things. He was behind this movie 100% for the 5 years when I worked with various production companies in trying to get the film off the ground. He gave me his blessing, days before he passed, to go finish the movie. I had to do it for him, and for myself….because I’d waited for so long to get this film up and running. Maybe I could have used more pre-production planning, maybe things could have been different…….the timing seemed wrong….but it wasn’t. It was right. I’d waited long enough to make ‘Kung Fu and Titties’ and it HAD to be made. Just look at lead actress Seregon O’Dassey……man is she hot!!!

A run-n-gun style of shooting, all the trappings of an indie film set, dogs pooping in actors beds, the power going out, wild bears showing up on shooting days and a freak snowstorm later…and the film was in the can. We needed a couple of re-shoots, there were problems with special effects, no theater wanted to take the film because of the title….but we did it. There were mistakes, as always. Some scenes are perfect to me and I just want to scream out in joy (or do the Dance of Joy I guess, like Balki Bartokomous)…….. and then some scenes needed better lightning, or better camerawork, or better sound, or better acting, or better stunts. But, a movie is supposed to have mistakes. Especially a low-budget film that is meant to be cheesy and goofy in the first place. The problems, in my opinion, are minor and arbitrary. Most of them were circumstantial issues due to money and time constraints…and we all did our best. Well….. most of us. So who was in the film??……..

I’d met Comedian Mike Marino years ago in Los Angeles and kept in touch with him. I said, ‘Mike… day I’m gonna make a film and I want you to be in it’. And I’m very grateful to him for being such a professional and turning out such a great performance. He was really cool all those years I tried to get this film off the ground…..and he was really cool to work with. So kudos to Mike Marino….check out his work.

I obviously can’t thank everyone here…..that’s what the end credits are for. But I’d like to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication (ESPECIALLY all the actresses who did nudity and John Archer Lundgren, who is just larger than life). And now………I’ll share one personal story from the film. 2-3 hours before my Dad passed away, I received a phone call from Bronson Pinchot, telling me he thought the script was funny and he wanted to be in the film. For months, myself and Co-Producer Alice Ray were trying our hardest to get a cameo actor for the film (not so much a cameo role in the end though…..because *spoiler alert* he plays two different characters). My father and I talked about this for years before pre-production on this incarnation of ‘Kung Fu and Titties’ even began. So, I ran into my Dad’s room. I said, ‘We did it Dad! We got our cameo actor. Bronson Pinchot. We finally did it!’……and I kissed him on the forehead, squeezed his hand…..and ran out of the room.

Bronson Pinchot was a real professional. He was a lot of fun to work with. He played one of the best characters, in one of my favorite movies, ‘True Romance’ (1993). Having his veteran experience and knowledge on set and him being involved with this film is something I’ll be eternally grateful for. He could call me the worst director in the world and call ‘Kung Fu and Titties’ the stupidest movie…..and it’d be ok with me. He’s Bronson Pinchot! He’s the man! He even made me do a purposely goofy ‘directors vision’ picture with him.

So what was my goal? To make a funny, entertaining movie that would satisfy guys….and hopefully draw in some girls. I never set out to make an oscar winner. It’s ‘Kung Fu and Titties’!!! Come on! It’s a fun, low-budget, goofball comedy, with a bunch of topless girls and some kung fu. If that’s not pure entertainment for guys….then I dunno what is. And what does this film mean to me? Well, it’s not one of my drama scripts that won festivals which my Dad wanted to see funded and produced. But it’s something that my father and I worked on and bonded over. It’s kind of the last part of my Dad that I have. Regardless of what the film does or how the reception is…….it’ll always be a special movie to me. I’m not asking you to feel bad for me or to go see the film out of pity……I’m just telling my story.

Thanks for reading. I hope you check out the movie in theaters during its limited release (opening Tuesday Feb. 12th in Brooklyn at indieScreen) or when it comes to digital and DVD in a few months. And I hope you enjoy it. As always, take care of yourself, your friends and your family. And treat people with respect! Oh yeah…duh….here’s the website for the film.

God: There’s more to life than BUTT IMPLANTS!!!

My last M.A.V.B.L.O.G. was about a more serious subject… let’s have something funny today. For my first post in the GOD category we will talk about the perplexing trend of…..butt implants.

Imagine that you’re the almighty God. Allah. Buddha. The Great Spirit. The Great Architect. Whatever….you’re it. You’re God. You created the Heavens and the Earth. You created the entire universe. You exist beyond time. You are all knowing and all powerful. You created humans……you probably created dozens of other races as well on different planets, in different galaxies and in different solar systems. So even though you’re all powerful…..maybe you got a little tired and took a vacation. Let’s say you went a million light years away to check on another star system and hang out with some old buddies. Then after about a thousand earth years you said to yourself, ‘Hey let me go see how things are progressing. I bestowed them with so many gifts. They’re bound to be doing something great’.

Ok…so you whisk back to earth to check things out on your creation, human beings. You haven’t been around for 1,000 years….you know there’s bound to be some mistakes….but you know there will be great things too. So you look around… ok. Democratized nations. Clean water. Abundant food in some countries. The discovery of gravity and electricity and the atom. Great!!! The widespread knowledge that the world isn’t flat. Space travel! Education! Advances in science, technology, healthcare and medicine. Wonderful! Hey….there’s still corruption, greed, wars and poverty…..but humans are getting there. Good job, good job. And then you start to look a little closer.

Necrophilia? That still happens? Ugh. Pedophilia? Come on guys I thought we got past that. Politicians and lobbyists and the greedy super rich? Come on people. There’s enough wealth and food and prosperity to go around for everyone in the world. Everyone! Figure it out already. Change the system. I gave you infinite and unlimited brains. Start expanding your minds. Maybe it’ll take another 1,000 years….but I hope it’ll come sooner. Pollution? Really people!? Come on. Don’t you get it? One earth. One! Not two. Fix it……. Plastic surgery? That’s weird. I gave humans everything they needed. Individuality was a gift. I didn’t intend for such widespread insecurity. Wait…..what’s this….. BUTT IMPLANTS!!!!!!! Are you kidding me!!!!??? People put sacks of chemicals in their butts!!!?? Why!!!??? So they can look better?……..and attract sexual partners? Really? Come on……it’s not that hard to attract someone. I gave you pheromones. And brains!!! You can attract someone to have sex with on your own….WITHOUT BUTT IMPLANTS!!! That lady spent her life savings on a butt implant!!! What!!!??? And look….you get old. You get wrinkly. That’s a part of life. Deal with it. You’re only human after all.

…..well what should I do? I mean…..this is very confusing to me. Butt implants!!! Should I just blow them up and start over? I could make a giant tidal wave. But……I don’t want to hit the reset button just yet. And I can’t go killing people who have butt implants. Then it’ll probably get even more popular. And people will start to hate me or not believe in me. Well……I guess I’ll just disappear for another 1,000 years and see what happens. Maybe that will work…………So…….what would you do?

I hope you enjoyed this post. Go online and look up butt implants and watch some interviews of people who get them. It just boggles the mind. I’m all for people having nice butts. It’s great. But come on…..this is just silly. Have a great day and if you like American Football….. enjoy the superbowl!!

Outrageousness: Kiryas Joel

Kiryas Joel. For those of you living in Orange County, New York (especially Harriman, Woodbury or Monroe), I’m sure you have pretty strong opinions about this ‘village’. So what is Kiryas Joel? As taken from wikipedia, “Kiryas Joel is a village within the town of Monroe in Orange County, New York, United States. The great majority of its residents are Hasidic Jews who strictly observe the Torah and its commandments, and belong to the Satmar Hasidic dynasty. There are about 20,000 people in the village. The village has one of the highest rates of poverty in the nation with 2/3rd’s of residents below the poverty line and about 40% of residents on food stamps”.

But what really is Kiryas Joel? It is a shining example of how you can blatantly and effectively abuse the system and manipulate the government to your whim. It is, in effect, a giant commune or cult of religious fanatics who have as many children as possible, get as many tax breaks as possible, claim poverty while at the same time making money and utilizing religion as a crutch and a means to further their expansion and greed. Now don’t twist my words and opinions please. I am not anti-semitic. I am anti-asshole and pro-truth. And the majority of Hasidic’s who live in Kiryas Joel are arrogant assholes who have no regard for other cultures, believe that they are superior, are cheats and liars, are obsessed with money and are a complete drain on the economy and the natural world. If they’re so horrible why are they able to flourish and succeed? Two simple things…money and politics. They vote in blocks. They have the power to sway elections with one phone call. Even former US President Bill Clinton has them on speed dial. Also, they’re extremely wealthy. As a giant community associated with all sects of Satmar Hasidic’s (those in Brooklyn and elsewhere), they have vast business enterprises and real estate holdings.

So why do I care and why am I writing a M.A.V.B.L.O.G. about Hasidics? It’s because I live in Monroe, New York. My family has been here for almost 60 years and has seen Kiryas Joel grow by leaps and bounds. I’d like our family to keep my childhood home and not be forced out because of real estate devaluation (a common practice of Hasidics). And……I’ve encountered deplorable Hasidic’s enough times to fill a novel. In my life, I’ve met one Hasidic man who I could identify with. ONE. He was present with other Hasidic families that were being unruly, irrational and heinous and he distanced himself from them. He apologized for their behavior. But just like in any organization……one good man doesn’t make up for 1,000 scumbags.

I applaud the fact that they appreciate education. An average Hasidic speaks several languages. There are frequently Hasidic’s going to the library, taking out books instead of movies, and continually learning and improving themselves. That’s about the only thing I can applaud though. As a community they have high rates of mental retardation, this due to the fact that they practice arranged marriages, those that are frequently incestuous. (Yes….brothers and sisters. 1st cousins. All that stuff). Quote below taken from.  ( )

“For one, it’s been known that the Hasidic community intermarries for reasons of keeping the inheritance within the family or {klan}. They want to keep their genes pure, for reasons of heritage and keeping the family businesses intact. If they rely on the Old Testament, then why would they commit such an abomination? Or is it an abomination?”

What else makes me mad? Well…..they don’t add anything to our communities. They keep to themselves. You’d think with such a rapid population growth they’d open some restaurants and bakeries….or general shops. No. There’s nothing. Hasidic’s frequently utilize the parks and public places in Monroe……they purchased the entire main street and are happy charging exorbitant rents to small business owners. But they don’t open any business’s themselves. Why not? They’re essentially taking over the Orange County…..why not show off their culture and let us folks from other cultures get to know them through their foods or shops? Take Mexicans and Central Americans for example. Hard working people. Maybe you have an issue with them because they could be illegal aliens, they don’t learn English or they take jobs away. But they add something to the community. They open restaurants, bars and shops. They have great music. They have great food. They invite outsiders to enjoy their culture. That is great! That is proper assimilation for the benefit of everyone, regardless of your culture, religion or color of skin.

Now I know from experience that Jewish people are extremely touchy. I don’t say that as an affront, but I’m getting across that this has NOTHING to do with religion. It could be a village filled with Muslims or Buddhists, born again Christians or Scientologists. I don’t care. There’s a proper way to show your fellow man respect and common courtesy….and that is not present in Kiryas Joel. Do you know that there’s a welcome sign in Kiryas Joel that tells you how to dress if you’re going to their village? Excuse me!!!??? Do the residents of Monroe, New York tell Hasidic’s how to dress when they utilize their public parks and business’s in town?? Nope. But why shouldn’t they tell them to take off their overcoat and hat? I mean….they basically look like terrorists (in the traditional view of it), that’s a perfect justification. You know….The Patriot Act and all. But the residents of Monroe don’t do that…..because they’re not fanatical.

I’ve experienced and also heard multitudes of anecdotal stories about Hasidic’s over the years that shock me. Sexually frustrated Hasidic men who ask for hand jobs and blow jobs at respected spas and massage places, rebellious Hasidic’s who run away from home and drop acid and do hard drugs,  Hasidic landlords who cut corners and put their tenants through hell, Hasidic’s who smash their shopping carts into people’s cars because they dislike everyone else, Hasidic gangs who beat up people from other ethnicities, Hasidic men who consistently rape Hasidic women (and the women can’t do anything because they’re treated like animals)….etc….etc. They’re not exactly improving the community or the areas around their community.

I feel sorry for them (mainly the women who are treated like garbage). Hasidic’s live their live’s by a strict set of doctrines that represses their wills and probable desires to live an enjoyable life. They’re indoctrinated from a young age and have no choice to be free. They have no choice but to follow the rules of their fathers and grandfathers and so on. The women are treated worse than pets, they’re made to shave their heads and wear scarves, their sole purpose in life is to have as many children as possible. They’re a community of robots. They listen to their master and follow the rules, as irrational as they may be. Personally I view them as a cult……because I respect and admire the truth……..and that is the truth. (A community that keeps to themselves, has a fanatical and outmoded religion, hoards money, manipulates the system, has an outdated and brutal treatment of its women and feels superior to all others = CULT). At the end of the day, if the Hasidic’s continue to expand and devalue Monroe and the surrounding towns, I’ll simply move away and not have to think about it anymore. But a once quaint farming village……has rapidly been transformed to resemble a crummy area of Brooklyn…..and that is sad.

Again, for those of you reading who are extremely sensitive, those of you who make a habit of contorting people’s words, those of you who may have business interests with Hasidic’s, those of you who may work within politics or our government…….this has nothing to do with religion. NOTHING. It has to do with being a good person. Showing respect to all men. Living by the tenet that ‘all men are created equal’. I don’t care if you dislike someone… can still show them respect without being an asshole. So you wanna worship frogs and start a cult? You want to be a Mormon and wear sacred underwear? You want to venerate goats and live in a teepee? I don’t care. Go ahead. Do it. Do your thing. That’s your choice. Just whatever you do…….be a good person. Hasidic’s may wonder why there’s so much anger and frustration towards them and it’s because when you’re a bully…………..people tend to not like you. When you’re mean to others… one will care when tragedy strikes (just like their recent building fires). Kiryas Joel may be a money maker and a political asset……but it is a haven of fanatical, irrational people who disrespect and disregard all other cultures. If I were a politician and financiers threw a bunch of money at me to run for office in Monroe……I’d simply go under the banner ‘I’m not Hasidic’.

I’d hoped that in the 21st Century all individuals, groups and communities would transform into a higher design with qualities such as respect, mutual adoration, cooperation and acceptance. But to use the famous quote of our times…..’It is what it is’.

Thanks for reading this M.A.V.B.L.O.G. post. I hope you learned something new and became enlightened to this situation. As always, do a quick google search or go to the library for more information. Have a great day! And make sure you take care of yourself and your family! And be to good to others!

(as an aside- two nights after I posted this I encountered a very friendly and helpful Hasidic man who was a fireman. So that’s TWO nice Hasidic’s I’ve met. Maybe times are changing. I sure hope so.)