‘Merica banning Kratom

Every so often I say to myself, ‘America ain’t so bad. This country has some good things about it. And I’m happy to be an American’…..and then something like the DEA’s asinine proposed ban of Kratom happens. One can argue that it’s our bureaucracy, there’s a lot of red tape, it has to be researched, things take time to process yada yada yada….or if you have half a brain you can realize that sometimes it’s just pure bullshit, as in this case. While we’re at it, why don’t we ban sugar for making children hyper? Or ban coffee for keeping people awake? Or ban toothbrushes for making peoples gums bleed? Our country has a drug problem, right? Heroin has exploded onto the streets in the past half decade. Lots of people are ruining their lives & spending exorbitant amounts of money on the drug. The jails continue to be filled because we do not have competent rehabilitation programs or social programs that rationally deal with the issue (like in the Netherlands). Our government runs the ‘War on Drugs’ right? So, how is that going? Have the drug rates gone down recently because of that ‘War’? No? Oh, the drug rates have skyrocketed you say? So, the ‘War on Drugs’ is ineffective and now the DEA is deciding to ban a harmless plant that many former heroin addicts have been using to kick their opiate abuse during a time when we are supposedly trying to get people OFF of heroin? Sounds logical to me…..if you’re a moron or a psychopath. Kratom has been around for a long, long time. It’s a tree. Societies have known about it and used it in the past. This knowledge is available to any academic working within our current system. This ban is NOT in the interest of public safety.


So, what’s the deal with Kratom? It’s relatively cheap. It helps with opiate addiction, anxiety, immune function and chronic pain. You can drink it in tea or take it in a capsule form. And….wait for it….it’s something that actually helps people. And it doesn’t have a stamp of approval from the FDA because you can’t patent it. It’s a plant. It’s all natural. Just like Cannabis. Does it make you high? No, it gives you a little buzz like when you drink coffee. That’s it. I’ve used Kratom dozens of times. I initially tried it about a year ago and quickly realized it’s benefits. It helped me greatly with my chronic back pain and my anxiety. I didn’t take Kratom very often, maybe once or twice a week. But it helped me a lot. I never had any adverse effects. I never became addicted to it. And it never made me violent or unstable (Lord knows what the pencil pushers at the DEA are saying it does to people). I’m not even angry for myself in this instance. I could go through life not doing Kratom again and I’d be ok with that. It’d be a bummer when I need it for pain control because I’m not going to take pharmaceutical drugs. But, I’d deal with it. What I am angry about…is the other GREAT people I met throughout this past year who were using Kratom to defeat their addictions. Good people. Regular people who have kids, and jobs, and families that were using Kratom to beat their Heroin addiction or Alcohol addiction or Cigarette addiction. That’s not so bad, right? These are good, non-violent, non-aggressive people who live and work and pay their taxes in this broken system we have. And what do you do for them as their ‘Big Brother Government’? You shit on them….yet again.


Ya know….whatever is going to happen to this joke of a society that we have called the USA is going to happen. But if the government continues to piss off its citizens and take away rights, privileges and the ability to think for ourselves….bad things are going to happen much quicker and in greater frequency. There will be more protests. There will be more riots. People will accept that their government isn’t here to work FOR them, they’ll realize that their government is here to work AGAINST them in whatever way possible as long as their chosen representatives continue to kiss the asses of special interests and corporations that give them fat paychecks. ‘Oh, it’s just Kratom Joe. Calm down. It’s not the end of the world’. No, it IS the end of the world if you keep letting your rights get taken away. It IS the end of the world if people keep putting their own selfish goals before the goals of the world community. It IS the end of the world if you choose to remain blind to the corruption that exists. Integrity, not money and power, is the constant in this universe. My grandmother fled her home country of Austria during WW2 because the Nazi’s took over. Her rights were taken away even though she was a special Aryan Christian ‘blonde hair blue eyed’ girl that Hitler loved. She told me of the similarities between the rise of Nazi Europe and what has happened in this country since the year 2000. We, as citizens of the USA, may all be screwed. But you’ve gotta fight back in some way. Even if it’s for something as small as Kratom. It’s an herb that helps people with their problems. And it doesn’t impede on the rights of anyone else. It only impedes on the rights of lobbyists and sycophants to give or get their next juicy, bonus paycheck. This is not a conspiracy theory. If you know anything about how our system in the USA works. It’s logic. So, if you care about this issue like I and many others do. If you care about the bogus marijuana issue that’s gone on for decades. If you’re sick of being treated like a 5 year old in pre-school….write & call your state representatives, government representatives, the president & anyone in a position of power that you can annoy….ANNOY THEM. Don’t fight them. In the end, no one wins in a fight. Just be a pain in their ass. There are some Congressman that are trying to help….but they need citizens to get behind them as well. Want to do something about this infringement upon our rights as human beings? Click here and get involved. It’s very simple. Write an e-mail. Write a letter. Make a couple phone calls. Spread the word. You might not need Kratom but others do. And one day it may be something simple that you enjoy, like coffee, or alcohol or tobacco…or even Skittles that gets taken away. So, if you want to keep your rights….help others keep theirs too.


Thanks for reading! I hope this has enlightened you to this issue or improved upon your life in some way. As always. Do your best. Be good to yourself and others. And follow The Golden Rule.


Native Americans

It is hard for me to think of America, the country that I live in, without recalling all that I’ve learned over the years about the Native American people and what we as “Americans” have done to them. Sure, in elementary and high school we are given a broad overview, which doesn’t necessarily highlight the heinous crimes committed, just as young little Germans are given a broad overview of who Hitler was. (To support that last sentence, while spending time in Germany in an adult education course, my instructor, as we discussed WW2, was playing down the atrocities and then told me that ‘Hitler was an Austrian you know’. So, that shows you how instructors are taught to kind of….’brush over’ that little smudge on their countries reputation.) In fact, Adolf Hitler is known to have studied what the United States did to the Native Americans when planning his own genocide. He used it as inspiration. Hmmm….curious. And we’re the good guys. You sure?


How many Native Americans did our government actually murder, whether directly or indirectly? There’s a wide gap in the estimates that you will find. Some scholars say around 10 million and some people even say upwards of 100 million. I’m apt the believe that the official number is somewhere in the middle of those two. Why? Well because if you have any common sense, you’ll know that history is written by the conquerors. OF COURSE the US Government would play down the official death toll for its beloved citizens. “Oh hunny….we only killed 1 million people. That’s not THAT many. Let’s buy this 500 acre plot of land for .50 cents and open a farm! Yay!’. Either way….we killed tens of millions of native inhabitants just so we could have a home. That’s defined as theft right? And yes, disease, smallpox and plague played into lots of the deaths as well, but those are diseases that Europeans brought with them.


It’s a difficult topic to research and find solid information on because so much of that information has been buried. Also, Native Americans have an oral tradition so it’s very possible that a lot of the history and knowledge from many past elders has faded with time. Of course, you can do a quick google search on this topic… but there are some very good Native American authors that I’d urge you to read, including Joseph Marshall III and David E. Stannard (though he’s not Native American). Why am I writing about this and why do I even care, being that I’m not Native American? Well….I live in this country. As a citizen I’d like to know the history of the place I call my home. I find the Native American culture fascinating and I believe that their wisdom and teachings are tantamount to succeeding as a person and as a country. I hope to see a day where the U.S. Government and the U.S. President will actually openly apologize to the Native Americans, rather than giving them a cheap and underhanded whiff. Ya know? A real apology…with fanfare, tv specials, ceremonies, charities and large reparations, with suitable and sustainable parcels of their homeland given back to them, with reasonable subsidies given to their families so they can thrive, revive their culture, religion and way of life and not become poverty stricken alcoholics. Our American ancestors were thieves and murderers. We killed their culture, raped and murdered their people, displaced them and destroyed their way of life….for HUNDREDS OF YEARS. We could at least acknowledge it, properly educate ourselves about it and give the remaining Native Americans a large slice of the pie that we’ve been eating for the past 400 years. After all….we stole that pie from them. You might say, ‘Hey…but they’ve got their casino land and are wealthy now….so we’re even’. Come on now hypothetical guy who said that….don’t be foolish.


I wasn’t there during the colonization of America. I wasn’t involved in the killing of the natives. I didn’t rape and scalp Indians and then murder thousands of buffalos just so the Native Americans would starve. I’m sorry for it. But I wasn’t there. And now….. I enjoy the life that I’ve been raised in and have become accustomed to as an ‘American’. I’m not saying we should demolish all our houses and revert back to the ways that the Native Americans lived (though some of the things that existed in their former lifestyles are very attractive). For one, those of us who come from other countries, however far back the genealogy goes, are not ‘natives’ in America. And two…..once you put milk in the coffee….it’s kind of hard to get it out. So, we can’t just go backwards and change history, however horrible it may be, and live in a world of ‘what if’s’. But what is essential… is to remember what our ancestors did…..understand it, accept it, formulate a better and more respectful way to live…..and move on. Otherwise, we’re doomed to continue dealing with corrupt politicians, a pure profit driven society, oppression, war, famine, a highly stressed out populace and an under educated, short attention spanned, reality-show obsessed culture. Maybe if we had some Native American leaders in political office….things would get better. Philosophies could change. Who knows? It’s worth a shot because as many pro’s as ‘America’ has….the list of con’s has been steadily growing.


Why do I say we as a people and a country would be doomed? Well….look at it this way. When two people in a marriage have a problem, it gets better and/or goes away once it’s brought out into the open, discussed, and then resolved. When the problem is ignored….or the other persons opinion is rejected or passed over….the problem gets worse, and worse and worse….until there’s a HUGE FIGHT. We’re connected to the Native Americans, whether we think we are or not. And if ‘we’ (the US government….and it’s citizens) don’t fix the problem that ‘we’ created…..it’s going to continue to be a problem. It will be this underlying, spiteful, festering anger…(no matter if another 500 years pass’s before anything proper is done). Call it a Native American curse, call it karma, call it whatever you want….but ya know….fixing the problem….that’s called LOGIC. Maybe our country and even our world is a such a disaster, filled with hatred and injustice, because we can’t mend our root problems? Maybe…just maybe?


Hey….I’m just a regular white guy with a blog…..but I hope that I’ve struck a chord in some way and have encouraged you to learn more about the Native American people (through books or films or museum visits), to join their cause and/or to amend your attitude about them. They’re a great people with a rich history, in each and every one of their tribes, and they deserve the utmost respect.

Thanks for reading this M.A.V.B.L.O.G. As always….do your best. Be as kind as you can. Follow the Golden Rule. And have a great night.


Stronger than the Storm

This is by far the stupidest and most moronic slogan of our times in the USA. If you’re not familiar with it, ‘Stronger than the Storm’ is an asinine platform/slogan/song which represents that ‘the people of New Jersey’ (who live on or near the jersey shore) are ‘stronger’ than the ‘storm’ (Hurricane Sandy). As if Hurricane Sandy was a conscious entity who malevolently targeted the Northeastern United States!!! This platform is completely outrageous and implies that ‘the people’ are going to ‘rise up’ against Hurricane Sandy’s blatant aggression towards us!!! News flash!! It’s a hurricane. It’s not conscious. It’s a weather patten. Shit happens!


I’m not insensitive to the horrendous destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy. I was directly affected by the storm. My family and friends were directly affected by the storm and suffered lots of damage to their properties. My entire street had downed trees, loss of power, trees crashing into people’s houses, flooded cars etc. etc. It was a terrifying experience watching home after home being washed away in person and on television. If you were in the Northeastern USA at the time….you know how devastating it was. And it still is a horrible experience trying to get reasonable assistance from insurance companies and our government (but that is a topic for another M.A.V.B.L.O.G). Regardless of that, ‘Stronger than the Storm’ is moronic. Here are the lyrics from the 30 second commercial spot

‘It’s in our blood. Our DNA. It’s who we are. We’re here to stay. Cuz we’re stronger than the storm. Woooaaaahhh. We’re stronger than the storm’


Do I want people to assist one another in rebuilding? Yes. Do I applaud people who volunteer and give to charities in assistance of displaced families, business’s etc. etc. ? Yes. Do I agree that Hurricane Sandy was extremely destructive? Yes. But I disagree with the witless and brainless platform of ‘Stronger than the Storm’. We Americans might as well just wear a sign on our chest that says ‘We’re morons!’. It wasn’t a war. Hurricane Sandy wasn’t a terrorist. It was a damn hurricane!!

East Coast Begins To Clean Up And Assess Damage From Hurricane Sandy

As an American, who was affected by Hurricane Sandy, I would have liked to see a reasonable slogan hit the airwaves. Some do exist such as ‘Jersey Strong’. Great. That’s wonderful. It implies that ‘I’m from New Jersey. I’m strong. And I’m determined to help rebuild after the hurricane’. Wonderful platform. What does ‘Stronger than the Storm’ imply? It implies that we were attacked by Hurricane Sandy. It destroyed us. But we’re still stronger than it. And we’re gonna show that storm!!! We’re gonna rebuild in spite of that storm!! As if Hurricane Sandy even cares!!!


Now…ok fine. To be fair amidst my frustration, the governments of the world have done some whacky experiments over the years with weather modification, even going back to WW2….and maybe earlier. So….perhaps it’s possible that Hurricane Sandy was created and sent to the USA as a sort of bomb, which means that either another government sent it to us, or some rogue organization OR…. which is even scarier, WE sent it to destroy our own country! Being that the USA is the most powerful country in the world, if weather modification did exist, we would have it!! Maybe Obama did it! Maybe some double agent in the CIA did it. Maaayyybbeee an American Senator who brokered a deal with an Australian scientist created the storm!!! It’d be a great plot for a movie! But that type of stuff doesn’t matter to us regular folks who don’t have top government security clearances. All we know……..is that there was a big hurricane that devastated the North East. People died. Homes were destroyed. Buildings were crushed. Lives were ruined. That’s it.


I’m not mad at people for donating their time and money to a benevolent cause. I’m mad that a simple slogan, which obviously a lot of time and effort, from a lot of people, went into choosing it, makes us (Americans) look like morons. So I propose that we adopt a new platform and slogan, which sums up what happened very concisely and more appropriately…….

‘Shit happens….Let’s rebuild’.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this M.A.V.B.L.O.G. As always. Be good to yourself. Be good to all those you encounter. And have a nice day. Oh….and here’s some President Obama for ya. BOOYEAH!!!