Artist, Wanderer, Regular Guy….

Hey. I’m Joseph McConnell.

I’ve worked in the tv/film business for 16 years in various capacities. I work on movies, travel, make art and write. I’m just like you. I’m a regular dude. I wake up. I eat breakfast. I sleep. I have dreams. I’ve had successes and failures. I don’t assume out of arrogance that people should be interested in my life or my artwork. But I know that I’ve got something to offer…..however small or large a contribution it may be. And I’m grateful for the opportunity and the ability to do so.

This website is here to give views on movies, art, video games, backpacking, love, outrageousness and god…through the eyes and artwork of me, Joseph McConnell.


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  1. One of my FB “friends” just reposted your review on Asheville (yep the one you posted 2 years ago), I have to say it was one of the only Asheville stories I have read from start to finish. As for myself, I lived in Asheville for 7 or 8 years and most of those years I owned a bar in the downtown area. Your review was spot on and even though it is 2 years old nothing has changed since it was first posted….

  2. Thank you for your honest commentary on Asheville, NC. I can attest to your assertion that Asheville is progressive for North Carolina and certainly in context. While I can say with certainty that Asheville will not be my long term home, I will say in it’s defense that that city has seemed to find a balance in the slow pace that the south is famous for while still having some of the highlights of city living that many places in NC just don’t. If you return I’d say to do so on a weekend. (especially in the fall when every actual weekend has simultaneous festive offerings) Besides that or hiking until the blue ridge closes there really isn’t much of anything else unless you know someone or entertain yourself.

    My family moved here hoping to find someplace amazing and magical. It was for about one weekend but then again 8 years in Wilmington, NC will do that to a person. With 3 years gone and another 2-3 left before we can move again (I’m in college) my family is already researching where in the entire world we’d want to go next. Although we will no longer be searching for Nirvana, we are hoping that what we find is a little more diverse and fulfilling.

    I look forward to reading about your return trip. 🙂

  3. After reading your blog about KJ, I think you should read the book “Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots” by Deborah Feldman. (unless you already have). It’s not going to sway your opinion. But it’s nice to see a woman who actually wasn’t a lemming and “got out”. Check it out.

  4. Hi Joseph,

    I came across your blog searching for election results (or the lack thereof) regarding KJ and what has transpired in the community. You’re absolutely right — it’s all about $$$. Sad that a lot of us will be forced out to make room for the corrupt. I had written a post about many of the things I, myself have experienced as well as reputable resourced news about this “community”.

    Hang in there! Loving your blog!

    Warmest regards,

  5. Hi Joseph. I am writing a book entitled “Prescription for Peace”. Could I please have permission to use your photo of backpackers on one of the pages of my book? Thank you so much. Judith Payne BScN B.A. Psychology

  6. I think your blog is brilliant, there is honesty and thoughtfulness in your prose. I wanted to say your article on Chivalry was very true to the point. Thank you. As a woman I sadly agree. Take care

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