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‘Kung Fu and Titties’ (2013) It’s stupid. It’s crazy! ‘Kung Fu and Titties’ is a goofball comedy film starring Raine Brown, Seregon O’Dassey, Mike Marino, Sean Molnar and the one and only BRONSON PINCHOT. Official Trailer (Youtube) , Facebook , Official Website.

‘The Life and Times of The Star Children’ (2009) is an experimental documentary which served as a psychological study of myself. Available to stream for free on Vimeo. Watch here

‘Jumping Up and Down’ (2007) is an experimental feature film I shot in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. The experiment was to make a feature film in 72 hours.

‘The Formulation of Rectangles’ (2009) is an experimental horror feature film. The experiment was to shoot the film chronologically, one take of each scene, with no editing and no screenplay. Very minimal editing was done in post-production to add credits and some special effects. It used to be available for free online. I will look into remedying that.